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What books did you order? I would have done the same thing and laugh.😂😂

The books I ordered are:

  • The Darkest Minds by Alexandria Bracken
  • Never Fade my Alexandria Bracken
  • Unwind by Neil Shusterman
  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Selection by Kierra Cass
  • The Elite by Kierra Cass
  • Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

And I seriously don’t know how I’m supposed to go up to my mom and be like ’ I ordered $100 worth of books be ready to pay!!”

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Howard Shore/Taylor Davis -  Misty Mountains (Violin Instrumental)
Howard Shore/Taylor Davis - Misty Mountains (Violin Instrumental)

46,879 plays

Misty Mountains (Violin Instrumental) 

Composer: Howard Shore

Arrangement: Taylor Davis

Film: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

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I just ordered $100 dollar worth of books without asking my mom oooops

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I’m seriously beginning to hate my theme now but I have this strong attachment to it and I don’t have the willpower to change it?????

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In City of Glass Jace says to Sebastian “Waiting for a special occasion to kill me? Christmas is coming.” City of Heavenly Fire takes place around Christmas.

Oh had to bring that up didn’t you

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I don’t know how long it takes for me to realize that isn’t going to happen, that she is gone. But when I do I feel all the strength go out of me, and I fall to my knees beside the table and I think I cry, then, or at least I want to, and everything inside me screams for just one more kiss, one more word, one more glance, one more.

*sobs violently*

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Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Snape but it was Quirrel
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Draco but it was Ginny
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was was Sirius but it was Wormtail
Harry Potter and the Year he thought it was Karkaroff but it was Moody/Crouch Jr
Harry Potter and the Year everyone knew it was that B*tch Umbridge
Harry Potter and the year it actually did turn out to be Snape
Harry Potter and the Year it turned out to be Harry all along

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Of course “Mary Watson” was good enough for her, John.


She could’ve chosen any name in the world, but she chose Mary Elizabeth Morstan. Then she married a man with the last name Watson.


Because I noticed the thing Sherlock overlooked because he was too focused on the “liar” deduction.

Mary is a cat lover.

And now her initials are “MEW.”


[Happy #Reichencrack Day! This is a #reichencrack theory.]

This is my favorite cracktheory of the day.

This isn’t a crack theory this is obviously her intent
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she wants the d(omestic johnlock)

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Don’t invite me to your wedding i will look better than you and it will be embarrassing for us both


proper use of this pic

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*james potter voice* GUYS I BOUGHT A TIGER

*sirius black voice* YO

*remus lupin voice* NO

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